About Us


 Established in 2010, G.R. Osterland Co. specializes in Telecommunication Utility Construction and Forestry Services,     throughout Ohio. Together, our management team has over 50 years of experience. This allows us to exhibit knowledge of   the industry, use efficient procedures and offer training to our employees.

  G.R. Osterland is bonded and insured. We will also obtain any necessary permits in cities where our work is         performed. 


 Our clean and modern equipment fleet leads us to efficiently building multitudes of projects.

 Evaluation & Performance

 G.R.Osterland is rated as a premier contractor with high evaluation ranks against our peers. G.R.Osterland prides itself in carefully   selecting our workforce to meet all of the criteria to work within secured facilities and government installations. We pride ourselves   on being customer focused and having a safe and drug free work environment for our customers and our employees to work within.

 Our Work Force

 We value providing our employees with safety training and furthering education in their career. Employees are all certified by the   State of Ohio and OSHA "Confined Space Entry Training," and American Traffic Safety Services Association (Flagging). All   G.R.Osterland supervisors are certified with an OSHA 30-Hour Card (Construction Industry Service Industry and Traffic Control).

  • Fiber Cable Installation
  • Copper Cable Installation
  • Cable Relocation
  • Inside Cable Installation
  • Directional Boring
  • New Pole Placement
  • Pole Replacement 
  • Pole Removal
  • Conduit Rodding/Clearing 
  • Conduit Repair/Installation 
  • 24-Hour Emergency & Storm Damage Response 
  • Clearance Escort for Oversize Hauls
  • Telco Cabinet/Pedestal Installation
  • Manhole Mapping
  • Hand Hole Placement 
  • Forestry & Arborist Services
  • Signalization
  • Member of the CWA Union
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